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Easy to use render farm

RenderBuzz represents a modern way of thinking about services. It is an easy to use and intuitive render farm which makes artists' life easier. It brings high speed multi-node rendering together with excellent interactivity and simplicity of its interface. It is designed to be a user-friendly tool which seamlessly blends in everyday workflow. You do not have to be a “life-hacker” to use it. No catches, straight rules, smooth workflow and most affordable pricing.

Supported software

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Why RenderBuzz?

  • “Ohh God! I just love how smooth it works” - one good reason
  • We found out that advertising in google and branch portals costs millions of $, that is why we do not do this and our service is much more affordable and reasonable than most well known competitors.
  • It is cheaper then rendering in-house in longer term - trust us - we used our calculator to figure it out
  • It is faster than rendering in-house - this is obvious. And your time is money.
  • You have support from people whos rendering knowledge is deeper than ocean.
  • We are not the biggest render farm in the world, but this is not a case, because here you do not have to share your cake with thousands of users at a time. Think about it.
  • It is so simple to use

Register account and get 100 Render Points for free

100 Render Points is equal to 5 hours of rendering in Basic plan on a single render node.
The free Render Points will be credited after the account verification.

Rendering plans


Prefered choice for everyday rendering. It is the best option when you're not in a hurry. 

  • 0.012 EUR per GHzh
  • Chronological queuing render jobs
  • No render limits
  • Access to all nodes
  • Full support

High Priority

Best choice for tight deadlines. Render jobs with High Priority plan always start as soon as possible.

  • 0.018 EUR per GHzh
  • In the queue before others
  • No render limits
  • Access to all nodes
  • Highest priority support
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Calculate render cost

The calculator provides an estimated value. Remember that the precision of indications follows directly from your knowledge of your project. We advise you to buy a little more rendering points than the calculations suggest and run some test render before submitting your main job.

Despite all our efforts, these calculations are purely approximate and we are not responsible for the presented results, nor do we guarantee obtaining them in practice.

search Start typing to search the CPU database Select model from list
Number of processors in your workstation Numeric value only. Minimum 1
For animations use average render time Numeric value only. Minimum 1
Numeric value only. Minimum 1

Get started


Create RenderBuzz account

Register account and wait for activation email. Sign in and enter your company details so we know who we are working with.


Download and install RenderBuzz plugin


Prepare and upload your project

Run your 3D software, open your 3D scene and do all rendering setup as you usually do. When you are ready just click “Render with RenderBuzz”. Type your email and password to RenderBuzz and upload the project.


Submit your order to rendering queue

Go to RenderBuzz web page and sign in to your account, go to “Projects” page. Your project should be there. Click on it and make an order. You can tack order progress on the “Orders” page.

Fast Tips & Tricks

  • Remember that you will need to download your output after rendering. Use image compression like JPG or TIFF with Packbits option enabled.
  • For 3ds Max users - Enable “compress on save” in your 3ds Max settings to upload scenes up to 3x faster.
  • When render farm is very busy, you may avoid queue by choosing Business or Premium Plan.
  • When using V-Ray, it is much better to save output through V-Ray Frame Buffer (go to V-Ray documentation for details) instead of standard 3ds Max output.


RenderBuzz Plugin for 3ds Max (v 3.18)
RenderBuzz User Manual for 3ds Max
RenderBuzz Plugin for Cinema4D (v 1.06)
RenderBuzz User Manual for Cinema4D



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